Core server

The targeted multi-media contents, broadcasting schedules are stored on the core server and so is the CLEAR main software. It distributes contents via network management platform to terminal player groups which are centrally addressable and managed.Learn more


The encoders collect video signals from live signal source, such as live TV broadcast of satellite TV, cable TV, video conference, live events via either HD or SD mode, make conversion from analog signals to digital signals. Digital signals were distributed to all the subordinate terminals via LAN.
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The workstation is a PC which has access to the network and takes charge of uploading, creates, manages, and distributes contents.


Ethernet, Internet, DDN, WLAN, ADSL and so on

The players receive orders from network management platform, download the appointed schedule files and play the appointed media files. They are designed with high-performance HD decoder chips, embedded Linux system and CLEAR stable reliable player software, easy for using, no virus and no crash. Learn more