Live TV Broadcasting

?Live TV broadcast of satellite TV, cable TV, video conference , live events
? Full screen display or sub-screen display
? Channel switchable
? Time setting support

Seamless Vedio Switch
Traditional Video Switching Technology
Black screen for at least 0.5-2 seconds.

CLEAR Advanced Video Switching Technology
No black screen at all, fluent, smooth.

Multi-devices Management Platform

Integrate With Third-party System

Grab targeted data from specific files in the database of third-party system and display it in real time on the terminal screens of digital signage system. CLEAR software has been integrated with these systems:
- Exchange rate and interest rate publishing system in banks
- Queue management system in banks, hospitals, government offices
- Flight or train schedule information system in airports, traffic terminals
- Digital scoring system in sports?stadiums
- Access control system in office buildings, hotels, Military
- IC card reader system in university campuses