What is OTT Operation System?

Over-the-top content?(OTT) refers to delivery of video and audio over the?Internet?without a?multiple system operator?being involved in the control or distribution of the content.

OTT is transported through regular Internet data protocols and uses the open Internet over unmanaged networks, and it differs from IPTV as it transmits streams using HTTP. HTTP has already been used as a transport solution for video media embedded into web pages, especially on Adobe Flash-based sites, such as YouTube. The browser downloads the file from the HTTP web server and play the content while it continues to download. The main issues associated with HTTP are the length of time it takes to fill the initial buffer and streaming quality, which depends on the IP connection and bandwidth. As a consequence, it is extremely difficult to to broadcast live channels in this solution.

CLEAR technology of OTT streaming, however, has successfully achieved live content to being broadcast over the Internet. ?In addition to Live TV, VOD, time-shift, playback basic video services, it also provides interactive information, interactive music, interactive games, communication and other value-added applications, such as online shopping which can be paid by credit card, event message distribution, etc.