The enterprise staffs reserve meeting rooms via OUTLOOK, and at the same time the reservation information was created in the exchange server. The bridge server runs a procedure through an open protocol to get the reservation data from the exchange server and share the data with the publishing server. And the publishing server obtains conference information from the exchange server periodic, and then publishes the information to the screens outside the meeting room.

     Management Platform

Any android or IOS device capable of accessing the internet can manage the content and control the screen by visiting the management platform. It supports multiple devices such as PC, mobile phone, and tablet.

     HD player

Intelligent control and management, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and no failure with high definition content.


Display-Supports TV, monitor, ad machine, video wall…the screens can be deployed outside and inside the conference room, as well as in the lobby.

     IC card

It will trigger the linkage between the HD player and the card reader when staff member swipes his card to enter the conferences room, and at the same time the screen will display the relevant information.