High Expansibility
Clear conference reservation and publishing system can be integrated with company security system,OA system, Lotus Notes, and MS Outlook, which enables staffs to send an email to reserve meeting rooms; The administrator can review the reservation content and publish it on the screen outside the conference room. Staff members need to swipe your card to enter the conferences room, and at the same time the screen will show the relevant information.

     Rich Media Content

Our system supports rich media content include text, picture, video seminar live, live TV, the screens outside the conference room display the meeting topic, organizer, time, etc. In addition, it also helps enterprise to release notice, conference center introduction, as well as advertising?exposure.

     Powerful And Professional Back-end

We provide a platform that enables staffs to deliver immersive information to target audience via an unlimited number of endpoints, regardless of their locations, all via one centralized platform.
The system ensures instant malfunction checking, long-distance control and maintenance, resource rreview and approval, meeting room mmanagement, terminal group management, as well as subsystem management.

     Simple, Safe, And Stable

Multiple devices available, such as PC, mobile phone, tablet; staffs can make reservation from multiple devices with an internet connection. Which enables it facilitates better communication with remote offices, and also serve as a vital employee training tool able to reach all locations.