Main Server Group
The main servers are where the contents are stored, managed and distributed to players via the network.
     Subordinate Server Group
Work as back up servers with the heartbeat read and detection every second with the main server group. Therefore, even the main sever being down, there won't be a catastrophic failure of the whole digital signage system.
     Monitoring Server
Remotely track the real-time status of all the terminal players, power on/off, normally playing as the schedule or not, updating capable or not, on/offline, etc. The software on this server has built-in failure reporting capabilities and be linked to a network operations center for remote repairs and diagnostics.
     CDN Edge Server
A content distribution network (CDN) design for multi-location users. By deploying edge servers at appointed nodes, it can ensure smoothly and speedily downloads of the targeted multi-media contents.
Pass information to and from the display locations. The network can take multiple forms: Internet, LAN, WAN, VLAN, or wireless.
Store and deliver content to the display devices on the defined timetable.