Pre-sales service

From the pursuit of assistance to CLEAR's clients, pre-sales services were born. The mission is to assist our current and potential customers in the search and implementation of the best streaming media solutions. There are 2 teams at CLEAR, the sales department and the technical assistance team which will cooperate in requirements collection, requirements analysis, eventually submission of professional solution and suggestion.


We provide deployment, debugging, implementation and installation service, on-site debugging and system maintenance as well as online installation and debugging support. We also offer training programs tailored to the needs of the staff, either on site or in our training center in Shanghai. Training courses includes system operation and system maintenance. We provide detailed product specifications, operations and maintenance manual. 

After-sales service

1 year Warranty: Equipment failures, in whole or in part, during the Warranty Period, Clear will repair or replace the machine or component at no charge. When the failure caused by intentional, reckless or negligent acts in the Warranty period, or any failure out of the warranty, the maintenance service shall charge for the labor, travel, and equipment at CLEAR's current rates.

Remote service: If a technical problem with the Services and/or Equipment is identified, CLEAR can be contacted by telephone or online which is available 24x7x365. Upon notification of a failure of the Equipment, CLEAR will begin diagnosis of the cause of the failure, when possible, the diagnosis and/or repair will be completed by service personnel remotely.

On-site Support: When the problem cannot be solved remotely, if it's commercially reasonable, service personnel will be dispatched to the Premises to resolve the problem.