Landing NO.9 Hot Spring Residence, Hefei                                        

Landing NO.9 Hot Spring Residence is a five-star standard resort?hotel in Hefei, Anhui province. Premium and deluxe hot spring bath center, spa treatment are featured services.

Use 19 inch touch screen as the terminal display and remote control to deploy innovative, high-performance IPTV platforms and total solutions.

CLEAR Solution
CLEAR Tech provides an entirely IP based, high definition solution that is fully customizable and scalable to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Guests can enjoy live TV channels, video On Demand (VOD) , call services, and ordering food or beverage by over 110 touch screens which are placed in the leisure center. The CLEAR system also presents the unique ability for the hotel to dynamically communicate with its guests through the system, such as rolling ads, TV messages, billing details checking, etc.