Overseas Chinese OTT Platform, Los Angles

Up to now, there are almost 460 thousand of Chinese people in Los Angeles, US and they have strong needs for high quality live video of Chinese TV channels in their living rooms via large screens. Before the arrival of OTT technologies, online video delivery was mainly limited to PCs and some high-end mobile phones or tablets. We now see the emergence of connected TVs entering the OTT arena.

This project is aiming to provide terminal OTT boxes as consumer electronics and it's target consumers are Chinese families all around LA. Therefor Live TV broadcasting and VOD content will be transported via the open Internet . It is a unmanaged network, end-user bandwidth cannot be controlled. This can easily lead to low streaming quality and negatively impact the user experience when watching TV. Otherwise, the issues of how to monitor, manage thousands of terminal boxes and build a reasonable billing and service mechanism have put forward higher requirements to OTT operating technology.

CLEAR Solution
CLEAR provides an efficient solution to cope with these issues perfectly. Main services are as follows:
·  Consulting on OTT business models, building a future-proof Internet video strategy
·  Design and architecture of OTT solutions
·  Server software development and deployment
·  Hardware of terminal boxes selection, specification and contacts to suppliers & partners
·  Terminal software development and deployment
·  Full customized EPG and management center platform
As a product of CLEAR OTT technology, the system supports the interaction between server and terminals to manage the users, equipment, logs, billing, the content, and also remote upgrade or USB local upgrade. The interface is fully customized including the personalized option button and app button. Users can download, install third party applications and surf the Internet through the embedded browser. Most of all, users can enjoy fluent, high quality third party live internet TV with quick switch and load experience. Not only to satisfy end users, CLEAR but also helped the operator to establish new business models for repeat revenues.