Shanghai Bureau of Prisons                                     

Baimaoling Prison, holding over 3,000 prisoners, Beixinjing Prison, holding over 2,000 prisoners, are the two largest prisons in shanghai, and there are 11 more prisons are under jurisdiction of Shanghai Bureau of Prisons. These two prisons are chosen to innovate in cable TV system and training system as pilots in 2013. Following the successful pilots, Shanghai Bureau of Prisons will expand it across all 13 prisons and put them under?the holistic?management in 2014.

The prisons need a technology that allows administrators to easily manage inmate television viewing, provide information and training to inmates, and present training to staff as well. Considering of cost and extendibility, all of the functions should be implement by using the existing televisions.

CLEAR Solution
Before the deployment of CLEAR jail TV and training system, the TVs in Baimaoling prison and Beixinjing prison have cable service and a remote with either staff members or inmates regulating the channels, depending on where they are housed.
CLEAR separately provided and installed 200 and 150 terminal players to each prison, built IP based TV networks and web platforms from which staff will be able to change the viewing schedule and control the TVs. The new system allows deputies to make the channel selection from a Web browser anywhere in the building, thus eliminating the need for the remote to be in their hands. Basically, inmates can control the cable channel choice when we give them that ability; the rest of the time it will be media we choose for very specific reasons. In addition, the system provides features such as a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen that jail staff can use to broadcast information to inmates. Staff can also interrupt a TV program at any time to provide training or other messages.
All the terminal players are distribute in the housing units of inmates, dining rooms, activity centers and staff offices which can target the audience and direct information to a specific group of inmates.