Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao                                                                    


The Hilton hotel has its convenient location in Shanghai's Hongqiao area, Minhang district, home to a variety of shopping malls, entertainment facilities and business corporations. With 3 buildings and 675 well appointed rooms and suites, it is just 20 minutes from the Hongqiao International Airport.

The challenge posed to the management of the hotel was how to maintain their five-star image and provide a better customer experience for their guests and business patrons. The IT department manager hope to deploy a digital signage system to focus on its customer satisfaction and awareness about events and services throughout the hotel. To avoid any affect or discomfort to normal hotel business, it is necessary to deploy the digital signage LAN without?renovation of adding extra Ethernet ports and network cabling.

CLEAR Solution
To keep business guests informed, Four - 55 inches screens are deployed in the hotel lobby displaying hotel information such as restaurant events, bar specials, local attractions and more. The screens are strategically placed to provide a superior guest experience throughout the hotel environment. Besides, ten 17 inches screens are deployed throughout the hotel's meeting room areas. The screens show conference room assignments and relevant company information for each meeting. Each screen automatically updates as meeting schedules change and company information is updated. Ten more screens are dispersed in other facilities of the hotel such as banquet hall, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, hydrotherapy room, lift lobby, etc.
To solve the network cabling problem, CLEAR provided a wireless LAN solution by adding USB pluggable wireless adapters to the terminal players and using the existing hotel WIFI network. The IT department manager gave high evaluation to the prompt and efficient deployment of CLEAR and the guests have responded well to the new digital signage system which has provided a new image for the hotel.