The China Art Museum, Shanghai                                                

The?China Art Museum, also called the?China Art Palace, is a museum of modern?Chinese art which?located in?Pudong,?Shanghai, China.?The museum is housed in the former?China Pavilion?of Expo 2010. With 166,000 square meters of floor space and 27 exhibition?rooms, it is the largest art museum in Asia.

The museum need to replace constantly changing posters or videotapes. Curators required to show a wealth of information through scheduled multimedia playback on a low-profile screen instead of having to plaster walls with a bulletin board or worry about replacing degrading or outdated VCR cassettes.

CLEAR Solution
CLEAR helped by deploying 130 terminal players in various sizes from 22 to 55 inch in the museum which has significantly alleviated the need to replace constantly changing posters or videotapes.
Content such as exhibitions information, introduction of arts or artists, activity notices are shown from the players of CLEAR digital signage system. It is a networked solution that can be updated remotely and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Content is changed by periodic or exact schedule, so the museum can easily adjust to the expected audience depending on the season or even the time of day. The main entrance signage includes 8 high-resolution 55 inch LCD screen that shows information about the latest museum exhibits. The ticket counter is the perfect place to educate new visitors about ongoing exhibits as well as daily events.