Campuses of Fudan University, Shanghai                                        

Founded in 1905, Fudan is among the oldest modern universities of China. It is now composed of four campuses, including Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan. Fudan University, ranking third nationally, enrolls over 40,000 full-time students. Additionally, there are nearly 1,760 students from overseas.

With more than 300 departments, schools, student organizations and a wide variety of campus and community activities to promote at the campuses, simplifying the flow of information is vital to communication and student involvement. The logistics department found themself planning and communicating events on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) through student e-mail and with old-fashioned posters on bulletin boards. Announcements in Weibo and e-mail can be ignored and deleted easily, and continually printing posters is costly and not environmentally friendly. we want to create a flagship medium for communicating student announcements of events, and the possibility of future plans to expand the project into new properties.

CLEAR Solution
The director of logistics department approached CLEAR to power its new communication network, digital signage system, which appeared to be the perfect vehicle for broadcasting what students needed to know. The network consists of over 40 42-inch and 10 55-inch high definition displays, which are mounted in various campus areas, including, school of economic hall, student activities center, dining hall, teaching building, etc. It's?worth?mentioning?that CLEAR helped to integrate card reading devices in the displays and campus smart card system. Students can easily and immediately inquiry their individual lecture schedule via the terminal by swiping their campus cards.

The CLEAR crew worked with Fudan University's logistics department to install players and servers in secure network closets, as well as design and install each monitor location. Student groups, as well as campus faculty and administrators, would have the ability to distribute important news and updates quickly by using digital signage network, they would receive a system login and password, a basic tutorial and the Web site URL of the management platform.

"With CLEAR tech supporting, the time costs have decreased and student awareness of campus events have been significantly improved," commend by the director of logistics department.